[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2020

by Garry

mekakushe – Papercraft

I feel like out of all of the codomomental acts by far mekakushe is the one that gets the least amount of love, at least from what I’ve seen from English speaking J-Pop fans. Thankfully the soloist is gaining a bit more recognition domestically with her “Papercraft” digital single being picked up as the theme tune for a napkin commercial…which makes the title rather fitting in a roundabout way. Said title track is a nice mix of catchy Piano Pop and a hint of a Chill Hop flair because it seems like everyone is getting in on that right now and it makes for a very pleasant and fun listen. On the b-side is an instrumental track titled “Op.1” which is pretty short at a little over a minute or so but features a rather nice little movement with bright melodies and a pleasing, smooth flow to it. Maybe not as flashy or intense as some of the other music featured in this post but when the mood takes me I do enjoy putting on a few mekamushe tracks and just letting my mind drift for a little while.