[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2020

by Garry

HALLCA & yuca – Catch your night

Being something of a fan of City Pop, Chill-Hop, Future Bass and other such related genres along with Especia back in the day makes it so that whenever former member HALLCA has a new song out I’m there. This time the soloist has collaborated with yuca and Mexican producer Skule Toyama for her latest digital single “Catch your night”. It lives up to its title too, perfectly capturing that soft evening ambiance that is so easy to get swept along in on a warm summer’s night. The instrumental is smooth like velvet and flows effortlessly into your ears while carrying HALLCA and yuca’s vocals along with it. Heavy retro vibes on this one like usual when it comes to the genres being called upon for influence but if you like that 80s Pop aesthetic then this is definitely another one to get on your playlists. You should also check out yuca as well, as while her contribution to this track offers a very nice added harmonic dynamic it really doesn’t show off all of what she is capable of as a vocalist. HALLCA has a few more collaborations in the works currently too from what I’ve heard so if they’re even half as good as this one was then it’s going to be a pretty good start to 2021.