[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2020

by Garry

KINOCO HOTEL – Akai Hana Aoi Hana / Giniro Monochrome

2020 presented a lot of bands with the dilemma of how to record new material remotely or under a lot more restrictions than normal. But when you’re as talented as KINOCO HOTEL’s enigmatic manager Marianne Shinonome it results in the band’s most recent double a-sided single “Akai Hana Aoi Hana / Giniro Monochrome”. The first track sees the band doing what they do best; 60s Psychedelic Garage Rock infused with the signature electric organ melodies that add a further eerie element to the song than Marianne’s distinct vocals are already providing. An easy hit for longtime fans of the band and a good starting point into their world for curious new listeners. “Giniro Monochrome” on the other hand is a much softer affair, presenting as more of a Ballad in tone with a soft Rock instrumental that’s heavily tinged with yet more electronic organ playing. In a lot of ways this would probably have been a much better fit on Marianne’s “MOOD ADJUSTER” solo album because that’s definitely the vibe I’m getting from it but if the goal here was to show off a different side to KINOCO HOTEL then it’s hard to say that they haven’t been successful in doing so with this song. I like it a lot but I’m not sure if it’s what most people are looking for from this band exactly.