[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q2 2017

by Garry

SHE IS SUMMER – Swimming in the Love E.P.

Since it’s summer and all, I figured it would be appropriate to feature the newest release from SHE IS SUMMER. This is the solo project of Mico who used to be the vocalist of Phenotas. This means nothing to me, but perhaps it will to some of you. Anyway, SHE IS SUMMER does the whole “Trendy Pop” thing and Mico does it very well in all honesty. It’s a sound that will be very familiar to those of you keeping up with the latest music trends in Japan, I can assure you that. “Deatte Kara Tsukiau Made no Ano Kanji” is my personal favorite from this EP although I think all of the songs are pretty great in their own ways.

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