[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q1 2019

by Garry


It feels like forever since I’ve written about POLKADOT STINGRAY in one of these articles, but I write so much stuff that maybe I’m just becoming more forgetful in my old age. They’re definitely a band that I enjoy listening to though, even after they “sold out” and went major with their “Zenchi Zennou” album in 2017. Speaking of which, they’ve finally followed that up with a new album in “Uchoten”. It features a handful of songs from the band’s “Ichidaiji” mini-album, along with digital single “Himitsu” so if you’ve been slacking on following their output for the past year or so then this album should catch you right up. Naturally there are several new songs included as well, with title track “Uchoten” and “Hanashi Hanbun” being particular standouts from the new material for me. If I’m being totally honest, it is a bit of a weak album if you take away all of the previously released material. As a complete package though, and as a potential starting off point for new fans, I think it’s a pretty solid release overall.

Regular Edition | Limited Edition [w/ T-shirt] | Limited Edition [w/ DVD]

Regular Edition | Limited Edition [w/ T-shirt]