[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2017

by Garry

THE Natsu no Mamono – Shin Mamono BOMBAYE EP

I should probably pay more attention to THE Natsu no Mamono than I do seeing as former idols Mizuta Mari and Asamiya Mizuho, who I both liked quite a bit, now call the band home. They also do some super upbeat and catchy Rock numbers which is something I’m definitely all about. That’s what mainly features on their new EP “Shin Mamono BOMBAYE”, in fact the only track out of the 5 on offer that did nothing for me was “Hajimemashite”. All the other songs basically mixed together all the best parts of J-Rock with all the best parts of groups like Dempagumi.inc, You’ll Melt More!, etc. Besides that one song, everything else was great and I’m 100% kicking myself for being super lazy and not taking more notice of THE Natsu no Mamono sooner.

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