[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2017

by Garry


I know these are supposed to be my “Non-Idol Picks” but I’m going to bend that rule ever so slightly right now. MALIKLIYA is a “Darkpop” project by drummer/composer Kamada Shuhei who is also affiliated with the doujin Black Metal band Imperial Circus Dead Decadence. “WRAITH” is the latest single from this project and the reason I’m bending the rules is that Kakizaki Risaki from NECRONOMIDOL provides the vocals. I like the description of “Darkpop” here, as while the song has a very Melodic Death Metal feel to it, there are also some poppier elements blended in too. It manages to pull off the idea of there being an almost oppressive wall of noise while somehow remaining pretty light sounding at the same time, which I thought was very interesting. If you’re already a fan of NECRONOMIDOL then this is definitely a song you should check out.