[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2017

by Garry

CRCK/LCKS – Lighter

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of CRCK/LCKS (Crack Lucks?) before but that’s okay! That’s half the point of me writing this feature every few months. Anyway, CRCK/LCKS are a female fronted band with a very heavy Jazz bent on a lot of their songs and “Lighter” is their second EP. There are still plenty of Pop and Indie Rock elements to their music but the Jazz infusion definitely gives a new dynamic to said tried and true formulas. I’m not sure this band is going to be for everyone because there’s some pretty “out there” moments by conventional standards, but on the other hand you have songs like track 6 “Kugutsu” that are so smooth and are just a delight to listen to. Your mileage may vary but I really enjoyed this EP.

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