[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2017

by Garry

Ueda Marie – REVOLVER

Ueda Marie at 27 years old has been active as an artist in some form or another for over 12 years now. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to do something like that for almost half my life, but Marie’s back catalog of multiple albums and a slew of singles suggests that she must be doing something right. “REVOLVER” is her latest single and the title track is a really fun Pop-Rock number that has all the attitude of a stomping Rock song but also the delicacy and catchiness of a Pop tune. B-side “Sabaku no Hate ni Saku Hana” is also an upbeat Rock number but this time with some singer-songwriter hallmarks used to keep things from sounding too similar. On both songs Marie’s vocals are impressive in both range and the different emotions and impressions they leave on the listener. Checking out her past work sounds like something I should definitely get around to (I’ve said this about almost all of the artists in this feature, haven’t I?).

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Buy on CDJapan: Regular Edition | Limited Edition [CD+DVD+Picture Book]