[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q2 2020

by Garry

My Lucky Day – My Lucky Day

I always try to get a good amount of Shoegaze into these articles and quite frankly there hasn’t been enough of it featured here for my liking so far. Well, up and coming Shoegaze Pop band My Lucky Day from Kumamoto are definitely just what the doctor ordered with their self-titled first EP “My Lucky Day”. From the floating instrumental melodies to the more frantic, fuzzed out intensity that their genre of choice is known and loved for, this release pretty much has it all. All of this in aid of painting an incredibly vivid canvas upon which beautiful, at times hauntingly so, and highly emotionally charged vocals are to be performed upon. Tracks like “ameagari” and “Tully” will certainly appeal to the fuzz fans out there while “March” and especially “No title” bring in that more ethereal dynamic along with a bit more of a Pop flair to things. No matter what your preferences are, it’s undeniable that Japan has always and continues to be fertile ground for discovering new bands from the land of dreams and fuzz. Highly recommended and a band to watch in the coming years if this release is anything to go by.