Last Week in Digital 9/21-9/27

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

It’s Monday, you know what that means. Props to anyone who got that reference, but what it really means is that it’s time for another edition of Last Week in Digital. The still somewhat new feature where I try my best to condense all of the digital music releases from the world of Idol into one nice article for you all to easily follow. I think I’m getting a pretty good handle on it by now but there’s always room for improvement and it’s not quite as comprehensive as I would like it to be still but we’ll get there in time I hope!

As you’ll see when you scroll down, last week was a bumper week for new music on a whole host of digital platforms and from a wide variety of groups. So many releases in fact that I’m sure I’ve probably even missed a few out, but I think I managed to get all of the big/interesting ones at least. It really dawned on me just how easy it is to miss out on a ton of music if you’re not paying super close attention, especially in this new digital age that we find ourselves in where everything is so much more accessible than ever before but also all the more overwhelming. Well, I’ve done some of the work here so you guys don’t have to. You can just tap some links, sit back and enjoy.

Speaking of which, I should probably cut to the chase and let you guys get on with doing just that. As I said above, there’s a ton of new releases included below for you to check out so I really do hope that you find something that’s both new as well as interesting to you. I definitely did last week at least and that’s a big part of the fun with this hobby for me. With that said, I’ll leave you guys to it as I’m sure you’re busy at the start of this new work week already anyway. If you find something you liked, definitely let me know and if I missed something then make sure to share it so others can enjoy it too. I have Idol reviews posting tomorrow and Thursday too, so see you then if you’re coming back for those. If not, have a great week and I’ll back again with another edition of Last Week in Digital next Monday…as long new music comes out anyway.