[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q2 2020

by Garry

mekakushe – Hakoniwa Uchuu / Haru

Readers of this site’s more typical content are likely familiar with one or more of codomomental’s many Idol groups. However the agency also acts as a record label for several other artists, one of which being soloist mekakushe (formerly Hirone-chan). Perhaps best known for her unique vocal tones and her penchant for melodic and also slightly abstract Electronica compositions, the artist’s more recent work has seen her strip things back quite considerably and explore a more natural style of piano while still retaining a few of the more subtle quirks that are a cornerstone to her brand of Pop music. “Hakoniwa Uchuu / Haru” is one of two recent new single releases (definitely check out “Watashi, Fiction” too) and both tracks offer pretty much the sound that I just described, though the second track is definitely trying to be more along the lines of a traditional Piano Ballad than the at times more frayed around the edges nature of “Hakoniwa Uchuu”. Both have great melodic vocal performances though, in that distinct mekakushe style. Not for everyone of course but in my opinion this is easily still one of the more underrated acts currently signed to the codomomental label.