[Top 10] Singles/EPs/Mini-Albums of 2019

by Garry

9. caeca – caeca no MUSIC

If you’d told me a year ago that a group like caeca would have a shot at being on my Top 10 list I’d have been a bit bemused if I’m honest. They’re definitely a bit more…traditional than I’m used to covering but man am I glad that I did. The way they use vocals to provide the main melody on several of their songs is a really unique thing in the Idol world and is definitely something I would recommend everyone listen to at least once. If that’s not enough then they’re also produced by Sakurai Kenta who many of you will know from his work with Maison book girl. Not quite as experimental as the stuff he’s usually known for but there’s a little bit of that on this release. They might look prim and proper but it would be a mistake to judge a book by its cover as there’s quite a bit more to caeca than might initially meet the eye. Full Review