[Top 10] Non-Album Releases of 2018

by Garry

6. GARUDA – Mousugu Yuki ga

Industrial was never a genre of music that I would have thought to associate with an Idol act. That was until I was introduced to GARUDA. The solo project, occasionally supported by a backing band, is the brainchild of Melon Batake a go go member Sakimura Yuffie (it actually predates her time in Melon Batake). Combining a whole host of influences from various genres like Horror, Rock, Metal, Rockabilly and the aforementioned Industrial this debut single presents an interesting example of just how far you’re able to take the Idol genre. You’re also able to hear a very honest belief and enthusiasm behind the music, as these are all genres close to the vocalist’s heart. Make sure you catch her on tour in the UK this April. Full Review

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