[Top 10] Non-Album Releases of 2018

by Garry

Aww yeah, it’s rewi…Top 10 Non-Albums time!

Right then, where do I even start with this mess? Welcome to the first edition of “Garry talks about stuff that came out in 2018 despite it already being 2019 and no one cares about any of that old stuff anymore”. I think the title needs a bit of work there so feel free to make suggestions. For what it lacks in brevity it more than makes up for in descriptiveness however, as talking about 2018 Idol releases is what I’m going to be doing here this week. Releases of the “Non-Album” variety to be exact.

I suppose I should define what I mean by “Non-Album” before we start getting too ahead of ourselves here. Basically, if the release wasn’t marketed as a full blown album then it’s eligible for this list. That means singles, EPs, mini-albums, and whatever other made up terms you want to throw in too. Digital only releases are also on the table because this is 2018/2019 and even Japan is slowly moving on from physical media. Give it another 5-10 years and I might actually be in the green when it comes to yearly site expenditure.

Basically I’m going to run down this list from 10 to 1, with a handful of honorable mentions tacked on at the end for good measure. Try not to focus too much on the ranking itself as everything on here could fluctuate one to two spots depending on my mood or the day of the week. #1 is pretty solid though so feel free to consider it my Non-Album of the year if you like. Also, if for whatever reason you have a problem with me mixing singles, EPs and mini-albums into one list then fair enough. It’s just how I choose to do things for the sake of my own sanity. Go ahead and post your own lists in the comments and show me how you would have done it.

Apart from that, one little quirk I have when it comes to these lists is that I try to feature only one release from any given artist. Some groups put out upwards of 3 singles a year and it’d be kinda boring if they got 3 spots in my Top 10. It also helps to create more variety and more chances that you might find something to listen to that you might not have checked out yet. Other than that, let’s cut the waffling intro here and get ourselves into this Top 10.

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