SILENT SIREN aren’t everyone’s cup of tea for whatever reason, but the fact that they’ve been putting out music to pretty decent success for the better part of 5 years now would lead me to believe that they must be doing something right. What’s a little harder to believe is that “GIRLS POWER” is the band’s 5th studio album in as many years, but it is indeed true. This latest effort from the 4-piece is yet another showcase of their Pop-Rock talents and actually, there’s a few songs on here that are a little less cute and fluffy and actually have a bit of bite to them. While unlikely to win over anyone who hasn’t liked their previous material, this album would certainly be considered essential listening to anyone into J-Pop or Pop-Rock who hasn’t yet checked out SILENT SIREN for some reason.

: Regular Edition | Limited Edition [w/ DVD]

: Regular Edition | Limited Edition [w/ DVD]

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