[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q1 2017

by Garry

Serenity in Murder – The Eclipse

I used to listen to a good bit of Metal music back in my teenage years. It’s not that I’d call it a phase necessarily, it’s more that I just got burnt out and needed a break from the chaos. I wouldn’t say I’ve been dragged back in, but I do check some stuff out from time to time. When I first heard Serenity in Murder, I figured they were probably European but I wasn’t that shocked to learn they were from Japan either. You can kind of hear the “oriental” influence in a lot of the keyboard and synthesizers that the band use to give their take on Melodic Death Metal.

Highlights for me on this album are songs like “A Torch for Avengers”, “Isle of the Dead” and “The Sea Is…”. Many of the songs have a very…epic feel I guess is how I’d describe them. They don’t waste any time on long drawn out sections though, with 3 to 4 minutes being the typical range of any given track. I wouldn’t say they’re breaking new ground when it comes to this style of music, but there’s something to be said about doing something and doing it really well. If you want very solid Melodic Death Metal, in easy to digest chunks then Serenity in Murder have an album here for you.

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