[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q1 2017

by Garry

Oomori Seiko – kitixxxgaia

It shouldn’t really come as much surprise that I’m a fan of Oomori Seiko. Although I have to admit that I wasn’t as fond of her last album “Tokyo Black Hole” as I was of some of her other material. I’m enjoying her new album “kitixxxgaia” a whole lot though, and it seems like Seiko had a lot of fun recording it too. It features her recent series of singles where she collaborated with the likes of fox capture plan, DAOKO and Ano from You’ll Melt More! as well as a number of new songs to bring us up to a full album. Most people have probably heard a Seiko song or three by now, but if you haven’t and are looking for some Pop music that’s on the more experimental and fanciful side, then “kitixxxgaia” is a decent enough starting point.

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