[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q1 2017

by Garry

majiko – CLOUD 7

I honestly hadn’t heard of majiko before the release of her mini-album “CLOUD 7”. To be honest the only reason I even checked out this release initially was due to the cover art. What a pleb, right? Well apparently majiko is a pretty popular cover singer on NicoNico, YouTube and other such platforms. “CLOUD 7” is her first release containing material she has produced herself so she appears to be transitioning into being a “real artist” which is cool I guess. I kinda get the impression that people who upload covers of songs are somewhat looked down upon, but at least in majiko’s case her vocal performances on her covers are really good and well worth checking out.

“CLOUD 7” is a pretty interesting mini-album in that it combines a few genres of music that on paper would raise some eyebrows when listed together. The main genres in question here being Jazz and Alternative Rock, see what I mean? Granted it’s not like they’re really happening on one song, but when you have tracks like “Noctiluca Night” and “SILK” play in quick succession nothing really seems that out of place. Add majiko’s impressive vocal range and emotional delivery into the equation and you have quite the impressive musical package here.

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