[Top 10] Non-Album Releases of 2017

by Garry

9. BiS – SOCiALiSM

Brand-new Idol Society probably had the most subdued year of all of the WACK projects not named EMPiRE, but when they did release something they made it count. “SOCiALiSM” is the perfect example of this, considering how much of a frenzy it managed to whip many Western fans into due to the mild similarities between this release and the “old” BiS sound. Still unable to escape the shadow of past glories it seems, which is rather unfortunate. It is rather confusing to see people wish for the “old BiS” sound to come back but then complain when other groups release material that is too similar to past efforts. In any case, BiS proved they can still roll back the years whenever they feel like it, regardless of who is or isn’t in the current line-up.

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