[Top 10] Non-Album Releases of 2017

by Garry

1. Broken By The Scream – Screaming Rhapsody

Broken By The Scream arrived on the scene to little fanfare at the beginning of 2017 and remained under most peoples’ radars for much of the year. Hardly surprising given the group’s newcomer status. However, the release of their debut mini-album “Screaming Rhapsody” made them impossible to ignore any longer and also introduced the Idol world to two of the very best harsh vocalists it has ever seen and might ever see again. Combining Heavy Metal with synthesizers is far from a new concept, but the precision with which BBTS pull it off is impressive. Crucially, they also strike the right balance between at times terrifying sounding harsh vocals and more conventional Idol vocal melodies. As a complete package, this mini-album was hands down the best non-album release that I heard in 2017.

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