[Top 10] Non-Album Releases of 2017

by Garry

7. BiSH – Promise the Star

As everyone knows, “Alt Idol” darlings BiSH signed with Avex in 2016, which comes with its various trappings, or “drawbacks” if you will. On the other hand, it also gives them a promotion and production budget that they otherwise might not have had. A budget that they made sure to pour into one of 2017’s biggest crossover releases. When even my normie, “Trad Idol” loving friends are saying how good a BiSH song is then something has to be going right somewhere. It’s also possible to take the much more pessimistic view that BiSH have merely sold out and the fact that they’re getting much more mainstream attention is a bad thing. I would then ask said people what parts of the single’s b-side “Help!!” are the mark of a group selling out for radio plays.

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