[Top 10] Non-Album Releases of 2017

by Garry

2. Kaqriyo Terror Architect – Kagome Kagome / Hybrid Taboo

Despite their already established groups running into all manner of speed bumps in 2017, Codomomental took the decision to debut a third Idol group from their agency. That group was the pronunciation nightmare Kaqriyo Terror Architect, a now 3-piece who have gone on to release 2 very strong singles since arriving on the scene in the second half of 2017. Falling somewhere between Zenkimi and Tsurezure on the Codomomental Venn diagram, and with light rapping and ASMR elements being their personal calling cards the group presents a sound that feels rather fresh when compared to similar offerings currently on the market. Some might wish the resources currently being used to establish KTA be redirected to say…Tsurezure for example, but it’s hard to argue with the results when one of them is a single of this caliber.

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