[Top 10] Non-Album Releases of 2017

by Garry


2017 was a year where, just like the title of their recent album said, GANG PARADE really did take themselves higher. Sure there was the drama of swapping out Saki for Aya from BiS but any impact from that move appears to be minimal at best (and they’re apparently swapping back soon so who cares?). In addition to a fantastic album, GANG PARADE also released 2 singles and it was a very tough decision to pick just one of them for this Top 10. Despite its name, “FOUL” is anything but unpleasant and marked the beginning of a period where GANG PARADE have been putting out some of their best material in quite some time, possibly ever. They’ve also started being appreciated more in the West, which I’ll take a tiny sliver of credit for.

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