by Mike

ANGERME – “Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinkashite Kita Ningen, Ai no Tame Subete Taikashita Ningen”


It’s always a hype time for me when ANGERME puts out something new. They’re a great group, and my Hello! Project oshimen is there. Since the name change they’ve been consistently impressive, so my expectations are always high. While there’s nothing really wrong with this PV, I walk away from it with a noticeable lack of hype.

Let’s start off with a little praise. The video gets the choreography going right away with some interesting, robot-like moves. As the song begins, it quickly becomes very theme fitting. The dancing becomes more general in style as they go along, but falls back to the more harsh, robotic moves enough to keep the theme in play.

The choreography for the PV is very enjoyable, with lots of arm motions and pose striking. Everyone gets in some great moves, especially Murotan if I may let my bias out for a moment. Some well placed, non-obstructive special effects accent the moves and atmosphere. It’s quite well done.

When we’re not dancing the night away, the girls get a very healthy amount of solo and smaller group shots. Everyone looks really nice throughout the PV. The outfits are comprised of red and black dresses with silver jackets. They’re nice to look at, and the girls all make good use of their screen time. The twin shots are also pretty nice, although I can’t help but laugh at the shots with Murota Mizuki and Katsuta Rina sitting in front of an obviously unplugged iMac.

Everyone also looks nice in their solo shots, but these scenes stick to basic singing and there’s nothing too memorable about them. The twin shots, while having a little more personality, also suffer from this problem. Toward the end these scenes get a little better, but the dance is where the memorable moments are.

Really that’s the only complaint I have, but it is kind of a big one. It’s a good enough PV but suffers from a kind of dull atmosphere. Maybe I’m judging too harshly given their epic track record, but the feeling is there. The camera work is slightly basic but still good, the after-effects are well placed, and the dancing is well done. It just lacks the “POW” factor.

The song itself also gives me a similar vibe. For one, it doesn’t really sound like ANGERME. This song feels more suited for the Morning Musume of a few years ago. It’s very electropop in nature, and the breakdown at the end sounds like a carbon copy of past Morning Musume tunes. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the style seems off for them. The vocals are the typical impressive ANGERME, though. This song also has an above average amount of Murotan solo vocals in it, which is a great thing. Come on, I may be biased, but we can all agree she’s a terrific singer, right?


ANGERME’s new single drops October 19th.

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