[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2019

by Garry

Once Grace Forever – Surely All This

As most of you know I’m rather partial to a bit of Shoegaze and Post Rock on occasion and that’s precisely what Tokyo 3-piece Once Grace Forever deliver on their sophomore album “Surely All This”. The bill themselves as having “Great FX effects, Roar and Soundscapes with Female vocal.” and well yeah, that’s definitely an accurate description of this album. The base components of many of the songs featured are quite simple but the way that everything is structured and put together makes for some…well, really great soundscapes I suppose. The band’s ability to transition between dense Shoegaze and dreamy Pop melodies all the while supplementing it with the experimental sounds that only Post Rock can provide is impressive given they’ve only been doing this for around a year now. Personal highlights from this release for me include both “Kokyū” and “Ajisai”.