[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2019

by Garry

Natsu Summer – Toki no Silhouette

Soloist Natsu Summer has had her fair share of coverage in these roundups over the past couple of years and with good reason. Her Reggae infused takes on the City Pop genre never fail to offer up interesting new ideas in a genre that has been quite thoroughly explored in recent times. For her latest single “Toki no Silhouette” she has once again teamed up with producer Cunimondo Takiguchi and just like her great mini-album “Natsu Summer & Dub Sensation” both tracks are once again backed by a full band. The title track is a mellow, mature sounding Lounge piece with a dash or Reggae for some added groove. B-side “Summer Escape” sees the singer deliver a more conventional City Pop track with a very sentimental tone being created not just by the vocals but also the incredibly pleasant if not also a bit understated instrumental. City Pop fans are likely already well aware of Natsu Summer and her music but if you aren’t then you need to go out of your way to check her out ASAP.