[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q4 2018

by Garry


Idols and Metal bands coming together for collaboration purposes isn’t that crazy of a concept. An Idol and a Metal band forming a new, fairly serious project together on the other hand kinda is. I’ve written about YUZUKINGDOM, the band featuring Yuzuki from Idol group Q’ULLE and members of Metal band Blood Stain Child in a previous roundup and I figured maybe it would be a one time thing. The release of this tour exclusive single and an upcoming EP would suggest otherwise. On paper it might seem a bit gimmicky but Yuzuki impresses with both clean, Pop style vocals as well as the harsh, screaming style that a project like this calls for. While YUZUKINGDOM don’t seek to reinvent the wheel with their musical output, this release along with their other material should be of interest to those who seek a more melodic side to their Metal or Hardcore listening.