[Ranking] Mike’s Best of 2016

by Mike

Biggest Disappointment:


First of all, I love GEM. This is absolutely not an attack on the members. However, I must be honest. I was pretty disappointed with their content this year. It just didn’t live up to the talent of the group at all. “Fine! ~Fly For the Future~” was such a meh sendoff for Takeda Maya, and “Spotlight” was pretty forgettable. This group has excellent performers on the dance floor and behind the mic, so I’m hoping 2017 will reward them with some content worthy of their talent. On the bright side, their album was a pretty good collection of their music.
Overall Favorite:


On the brighter side of things, my overall favorite act of the year should be of little surprise. I’ve said it so many times that I won’t go over them yet again, but seriously, BiSH fucking rocked this year. Great music, great videos, great Ayuni D. I couldn’t be happier with their performance this year and really hope it continues into 2017.