Arbitrary numbers and lists, rampant opinions, and pure biases. Yup, it’s a year in review post!



Hey guys, Mike here. Feels like it’s been ages since I’ve written, but in reality it has only been a week or so. As you may or may not know depending on if you read the site’s Twitter or not, my “PV Roundup” series is mothballed for the time being. I have some ideas for its potential return, and as soon as I can get in the zone to give it a test run I will. If nothing else, I’ll still contribute the occasional article to the site, so keep an eye out for me. I’m still alive and into the idol thing. I’m still on Twitter as always if you need your daily dose of my opinion.

Anyway, last year I did an idol/J-Pop/K-Pop year in review post on my Tumblr and it was pretty enjoyable to look back and give some awards to deserving groups. I thought I would try bringing that here since retrospective is so popular this time of year. My post will definitely not be as impressive as Garry’s, but hopefully you will still get something out of it and find something to check out that you may have missed. I’ll present my top singles, albums, and obviously PV’s. I also have a few custom awards for artists that rocked it, and even one or two that dropped it. Let’s go!

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I’ve been a fan of Japanese pop music and idols since 2001. When I’m not nerding out on silly pop music, you can catch me playing video games, watching the occasional anime, and fiddling with technology.

  • Jul3

    Nice read! I definitely didn’t find it a lacking read compared to Garry’s, like you made out, It’s interesting having all the different categories. Although, must like his, there’s not many crossovers on the stuff I’ve listened to and the stuff you do.

    • Mike

      Thank you for reading! I saw Garry wrote comments for every release he ranked. That’s too pro for me. xD But yeah, I’ve noticed our interests in idols are diverse, but you’ve introduced me to a lot of awesome stuff so I say that’s a good thing. Maybe something in my list will strike your fancy. I would think you could get some enjoyment out of PASSPO in particular. Maybe. lol. Anyways thanks for commenting!