[Ranking] Garry’s Top 10 Singles/EPs/Mini-Albums Of 2016

by Garry

9. NECRONOMIDOL – “From Chaos Born”

I feel like a lot of Idol groups are trying really hard to convince people that they’re super different and stand out from the crowd. NECRONOMIDOL employ a slightly more original tactic by just actually being different. How many groups are creating the kind of music that NECRONOMIDOL are? The answer is not many, if any and I think that’s part of the allure for me. It also probably helps that I’m European (for now anyway) and love all of these crazy flavors of Metal music. This EP also offers some more accessible songs though, so I think you should check it out even if Sari’s green hair and face paint intimidates you (she’s actually a really nice lady).

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