[Ranking] Garry’s Top 10 Singles/EPs/Mini-Albums Of 2016

by Garry

10. BILLIE IDLE – “4 in 1 The Official Bootleg”

I’m not really sure I buy the whole “counter-culture” gimmick that BILLIE IDLE are selling, but I was definitely buying this EP when it was released back in April. It took a rather unique approach by giving each member of the group their own solo song, and we definitely got plenty of variety because of that. Sadly this was to be Yasui Yuuhi’s last release as a member of BILLIE IDLE, but Hirano Nozomi did give us a miniature BiS reunion (if only we knew at the time that a full reboot was coming) so you take the good with the bad I guess. This EP is very good though, as was pretty much all of BILLIE IDLE’s 2016 musical output.

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