[Ranking] Garry’s Top 10 Singles/EPs/Mini-Albums Of 2016

by Garry

4. Wakita Monari – “In The City”

Once again, I’m not really sure if this would be classed as an “Idol” release. That said, it’s still my site and I’m still making the rules so Monari makes it to 4th place in this ranking with a single that is way more Especia than the current Especia is now. Funny how that whole situation ended up working out in the end, but I guess we at least got one good thing out of it. I really hope Monari’s solo career takes off and she’s able to release new material at a steady rate in 2017. If any of you out there have been missing that old Especia sound, I think you’ll be pretty happy with what’s on offer here.

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