[PV Roundup] PassCode, Juice=Juice, Musubizm, Guso Drop

by Mike

Juice=Juice – “Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou”


This may be the last catching up entry I do for the great Hello! Project invasion of 2016. This one is pretty much the last must do from the last few weeks. Juice=Juice really hit a triple play with this single, man.

The previous PVs for this single relied on atmosphere and edginess. This one has a bit of an attitude to it. The lyrics of the song focus heavily on encouraging people to stop being so damn lazy. It’s a message I should probably take to heart myself. Anyway, this PV has a higher than average amount of close up shots with the girls singing and reacting to scenarios. What better way to get your point across than getting up in someone’s grill, right?

The scenario scenes themselves are nothing too over the top, mostly following the lyrics’ lead and portraying things quite literally. A few of the scenes do add a little humor to the video, but mostly it’s just good filler. Tying it all together is the inevitable dance shot, which also contains quit a bit of attitude with more subdued, serious expressions. It fits the theme very well.

It also doesn’t hurt matters that the girls look pretty fantastic. The outfits are pretty fashionable and dancing friendly. Most noteworthy of the PV’s visuals is Kanazawa Tomoko. Simply put, this PV is four minutes of evidence as to why she needs a photo book as soon as possible. Her top is pretty light and free-flowing, leading to more than a few shots of blatant fan service. I’m really glad she’s sticking around despite dealing with an ongoing medical condition. It certainly hasn’t spoiled her awesome performance skills. Kanatomo aside, everyone looks pretty fantastic in this PV. The uniqueness of the outfits and dull colors make for good eye candy and somehow feel like they fit the them as well. Also, props to Takagi Sayuki for wearing some of the tightest pants ever.

It’s a good PV turned great by its attitude. Sometimes presentation is everything, and for this production that’s exactly what I like best about it. The atmosphere is consistent and the expressions on screen are carried throughout every scene change. Too often more “rough” idol PVs toss away their edge for at least a few scenes to throw in idol smiles and whatnot, but this one stays the course and benefits greatly from it. Very fun to watch.

The song itself is full of hype. As mentioned above, it’s kind of an anthem type song with the primary message being “get off your ass and deal with shit”. The instrumentals are pretty much pure pop, but have enough of a kick to stand out. The vocals are full of energy and enjoyable as is expected from Juice=Juice. All in all it’s a solid, fun song and Juice=Juice manages a full comb with this single. Awesome stuff!


Juice=Juice’s new single dropped October 26th.

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