[PV Roundup] PassCode, Juice=Juice, Musubizm, Guso Drop

by Mike


You better read this roundup, or Guso Drop will get your ass.

Alright guys, we gotta have a little talk again. As we all know, Garry will be on his way to Japan next week. While he seems to have plenty of his reviews queued up for your reading pleasure, this means that his editing availability will be random at best for my stuff. As such, PV Roundup will likely come out at random times over the next few weeks if at all.

There is a little more to it, though. I’m not sure how to say this except directly, so here we go. Basically, I’m having inconsistent levels of enthusiasm about writing lately. I may use Garry’s trip as a good excuse to relax a little. What happens beyond that I don’t know yet. There have been times that I honestly want to quit. I’ve found it easy to get discouraged in this field of writing. Sometimes it just feels like work which isn’t what I want. I don’t think quitting is what I’ll really do but I can’t say for certain. Instead, I just need to find the balance and schedule that work for me. I do it for fun, so I need to make sure it stays fun.

So yeah, it’s going to be pretty random for this month whatever happens. Long-term, we’ll see. I’m juggling a few ideas around on how to move forward. Please note that no matter what I end up doing, this is entirely my decision and doesn’t reflect on Garry at all. He’s been a total bro since he let me join the site and has tried to help me with the writing woes in every possible way. Whatever happens, I hope you will continue reading the site. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.