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by Mike

Lovely Doll – “Lovely Meramera Summertime”


Lovely Doll has changed quite a bit since their previous single late last year. Three members have graduated for various reasons, allowing for the members who were added in early 2015 to fill in the gaps. Honestly my fandom of this group is so passive that I barely noticed, but they have fun releases from time to time. This one’s definitely summer fun, complete with bikinis and downright raunchy shots, but it’s ultimately average.

Oh look, what do you know, another beach PV. I guess it really can’t be helped this time of year. So yeah, we’re back on a beach again for a majority of this PV, with the occasional scene taking place poolside. Luckily, the area they filmed this in is very nice looking. Blue skies and even bluer seas definitely make for a nice looking summer scene. The poolside shots are also very nice with a fun selection of pool toys used by the girls in cute, gravure-like ways. As far as settings go, this one covers the bases, but it’s pretty easy to do with a beach at your disposal.

The best scenery of the PV though is the girls. I hate to sound like I’m objectifying them, but this PV is more or less a gravure shoot in PV form. The outfits for it are very showy for the most part. There is a uniform of sorts in the form of a blue dress that is used in the dance shots filmed by the pool. Luckily we see very little of them. They’re largely undecorated and look like leftover fabric stitched together. Really dull. But otherwise, hot damn. On the beach, the girls are wearing really showy summer wear with shirts that expose plenty of midriff if not more, and pretty short shorts. Everyone looks pretty great.

The PV stops giving all fucks and goes full disgusting as the chorus begins and the girls start taking their clothes off to reveal bikinis for all. They’re very bright in color and look like something you’d see in a gravure spread. As someone who appreciates the art of gravure, I think everyone looks wonderful. The PV definitely plays up to this gravure aspect, relying on the bikini scenes heavily for the rest of the video and using some extremely gratuitous shots. The most “disgusting” of all come in the form of blatantly awesome ass and thigh shots starting at the 2:25 mark. Other scenes often involve running, jumping, or any activity that lets gravity do…you know…its thing. These bikinis are not sports-friendly so there’s definitely bouncing going on in a good amount of shots. It’s definitely tacky, but presented in a fun way.

The PV also has nice post production. There’s quite a few aftereffects in play to accent all of the fun on screen and it’s all integrated very well. Colors are very bright and Japan filter is deliciously absent. The camera shots are all very nicely done. The aforementioned butt shots and other gravure-like scenes are almost too well done. I’m sure they had a blast filming some of this PV. Unintentional pun there, huh? But yeah, the production on this one is nice, even if it’s totally by the book for a summer PV. The gravure is easily the best thing going on, so if you can hang with that you’ll have fun with this one.

As for the song, it’s fun, but like a lot of their catalog, I don’t find it especially memorable. Musically this group had one huge hit with me. “Bargain Girl” was a wonderful song, but the rest of their catalog is generic idol fare to the point that it’s kinda boring. Don’t get me wrong, the production is decent and the vocals don’t do anything really wrong (or excessively right), but it’s just so typical, all of it. The visuals definitely win here, but the song’s a nice kind of average.


Lovely Doll’s new single drops August 30th.

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