[PV Roundup] Hirate Yurina, Lovely Doll, notall, Party Rockets GT, Chu’s day.

by Mike


This week’s PV Roundup has legit swag, and an announcement about its future.


So before I begin this roundup, I have an announcement to make. While I’ve overall enjoyed it quite a bit, I’ve recently been feeling just a little bit of burnout writing PV Roundup. Additionally, it’s about to be August which can be a pretty busy time at work, so I think the timing is right for a break from the normal writing routine.

After this editorial, PV Roundup will not be presented in its current format for a while, at least through the month of August. Potentially a little longer. Exactly what will happen solely depends on my mood. It’s possible there will be times with no PV Roundup. It’s possible I may feel strongly enough about a video or have the energy to do my usual thing. The most likely scenario to happen is I’ll continue the series in a “mini” format during this break. I figure pointing out some cool PV’s with a paragraph of tl;dr thoughts won’t be too hard. Hell, some of the “big boy” idol sites out there just embed a video, write two sentences, and ask you to click on their affiliate links, so I can’t say I feel too guilty.

We’ll see what happens, but that’s the plan for now. Thanks to everyone who has been reading up to this point. Thanks to Garry who has generously let me be a part of the site and let me do more or less whatever I want. I hope you’ll continue to read on during this break and beyond. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

-Mike <3