[PV Roundup] Little Glee Monster, predia, Kikkawa You, THE HOOPERS, Aliceinalice & Friends

by Mike

Kikkawa You – “Ha wo Kuishibare!”


It’s been far too long since since we saw a release from the lovely, quite friendly, downright sultry Kikkawa You. Her album was pretty awesome but it was nearly seven months ago. She’s finally back with a very different kind of song than her usual, but man is it entertaining.

When you hear the name Kikkawa You, you’re probably thinking of some epic dance song featuring a PV with sexy outfits. Well, not this time. Instead, we’re treated to a much more tame PV. Instead of some wild dance outfit, Kikka is wearing some really cute civilian clothes in a setting that largely consists of a karaoke room. I definitely approve of this fashion. She’s a gorgeous girl no doubt, and this PV showcases her in a much more casual setting and it works well.

Most of the scenes take place in a karaoke room that is lit with the usual neon lighting, and the backdrop of the city streets adds a nice flavor of lighting to the video. The use of filter actually accents a lot of this lighting and a few moments of over-saturation aside, I think it creates a cool setting.

Everything in the PV follows the very casual feel that the song projects. The choreography, if you want to call it that, is basically Kikka having a fun time. There’s no major dance shot to it, instead focusing on the energetic karaoke and some humorous street shots. It’s really different than Kikka’s norm, but it’s a cool change. Everything is very well shot as well, which helps a lot.

As for the song, it’s really nice. I have heard through the grapevine that Oomori Seiko produced this, and you can definitely tell. I’m not an expert on Oomori’s works but it definitely has her sound. The more silly parts of the song are also pretty great. They remind me of the segments from “Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku” where AMEMIYA collaborated with AKB members in the comedy segments. Good stuff. Overall this is a pretty good release. I’m more than content with Kikka sticking to her formula, but this was a fun surprise.


Kikkawa You’s 10th single drops June 1st.

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