[PV Roundup] callme, Wa-suta, Up Up Girls (Kari), Team Syachihoko, Yumemiru Adolescence

by Mike


Some big names gracing us with new releases this week. Let’s see if they make par, hit a homerun, or fumble the ball.


callme – “Can Not Change Nothing”


The split of Dorothy Little Happy is one of the worst things to ever happen to the idol world. They really were a fantastic group and I was worried one of the better musical acts in the idol realm was gone forever. Luckily, callme is just as good, and DLH is still going pretty strong too. So I guess DLH didn’t die, it just multiplied.

The newest PV from the girls who broke up the band, also known as callme, continues on with their somewhat artsy presentation they’ve delivered in their past offerings. The PV makes extensive use of simulated stop motion for a majority of the shots. It’s presented in a really gorgeous, well done way and doesn’t feel gimmicky at all.

It’s actually kind of trippy to see these shots and think, “oh, great, barely moving pictures” then realize the girls are actually fidgeting around in many of them. It probably doesn’t hurt that these girls are quite the lookers. I personally have a bias toward Hayasaka Koumi, but any of these girls striking poses is absolutely delicious eye candy, and they do it great in this PV.

The outfits are pretty simple black-on-white, but the make-up really puts the member visuals over the top for me. In case you’d like to know something about me and my preferences, I have a MAJOR thing for well-done eye liner. If you want to know what my opinion of “well done” is, this is the PV right here. Anyway, putting looks aside, there’s still a lot of fun in this PV.

Aside from the aforementioned stop motion, there’s also a decent amount of dancing shots toward the end which are pretty great. It’s nothing fancy but it’s done on a dark set with some pretty awesome strobe lighting and aftereffects. We also switch to some side profile shots which are absolutely gorgeous. Man, just how pretty are these girls?! This PV totally wins in the visuals. It’s just so mood setting and compliments the song wonderfully.

Speaking of the song, it’s typical callme. In other words, it’s great. It mostly follows their formula of slightly alternative sounding, ear meltingly good pop music. The instrumentals are layered nicely and pretty soothing to listen to. The vocals are butter smooth as always, and their harmonies…I have no words. I love how they sound. I could seriously listen to this group all day. What’s more impressive is that they’re self-produced, at least to an extent. Keep it up, ladies.


callme’s 2nd single drops April 6th.

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