Last Week in Digital 03/22-03/28

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Spring is well and truly under way now and along with it comes “Massacre Month” as I like to call it. That period during March and April which sees all manner of groups disbanding, idols leaving, joining, going on hiatus, new groups debuting and all that fun stuff. Everything getting refreshed and beginning anew? Or just the start of the new Japanese financial year? Whatever way you want to look at it, this is a busy and often distressing time to be an Idol fan but its okay as I’m here to at least help you keep up with all of the new music that is still flooding out despite all of this.

We’re back with another edition of Last Week in Digital if you couldn’t tell, the weekly feature where I grab as many of the digital streaming releases from the last 7 days in the world of Idol and bring them all together into one neat post for you guys to browse through at your leisure. It was another super busy week last week right across the Idol spectrum so no matter what you’re into there should hopefully be something of interest here for you. As always, if you do find something cool be sure to shout it out on social media and share the love with your friends so they can discover some cool new groups/music too.

This has the potential to be a pretty busy week for me personally so I’m going to cut this pretty short here if that’s cool with you guys. Go check out some of these new releases when you get the chance and maybe come back later in the week to read a review or two that Ill be posting hopefully like normal. If that’s not your thing then its all good and hopefully you’ll come back next week for another installment of this series at least. Either way, I hope everyone reading this has a great week, stay safe out there and well talk again here really soon. Cheers!