Last Week in Digital 03/15-03/21

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

The first quarter of 2021 is almost in the books, with just about one more week left of March and boy does it feel like this year is flying by right now. Lots of stuff going on and probably a whole heap more in the coming months as the world starts getting back to “normal” after the mess that was the past year. Oh yeah, welcome to another edition of Last Week in Digital by the way. It’s the weekly feature where I do my best to round up all of the digital Idol music releases from the past 7 days into one helpful post. But you guys all knew that already right?

It was a pretty good week for new music last week, though I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot recently. Still, plenty of interesting new releases from brand new and up and coming groups as well as from a few of the vets of the scene as well. I wouldn’t exactly say things are…flourishing right now but maybe in slightly better shape than I would have expected considering how tough things have been for a long time now. Basically what I’m getting at is that there’s a bunch of cool new music this week that you should take a few minutes out of your day to check out alright?

Speaking of which, I’ll leave you all to do just that. Check back later in the week as always for some reviews if that’s your thing but if not then hopefully you drop back in next Monday when I’ll hopefully have another one of these things for you to check out. Have a great week in the meantime either way, I hope you’re able to enjoy spring if that’s a thing right now in your part of the world but make sure you keep yourselves safe out there too alright? Thanks as always for the interest/support, have a good one and we’ll hopefully talk again here real soon. Cheers!