Last Week in Digital 9/14-9/20

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Well, we’ve made it to the start of another week folks and along with that comes another edition of Last Week in Digital. It’s a series that I started on a whim after a night of moderately heavy drinking and it seems to have been pretty well received so far so I’m going to keep rolling with it until either you guys lose interest in it or I do, whichever ends up happening first. I usually stick with things for much longer than I should though, so expect this to be a pretty regular part of weekly site content going forward.

So last week was another pretty busy week in the world of digital Idol music. We had releases from some pretty well known/loved groups, a few tracks from a group that people have been waiting to see debut for months now and also a few releases from groups even I haven’t heard of but I definitely want to check out a bit more when time allows. The bottom line is there’s plenty of stuff to get your ears around here so hopefully you’re able to and even more hopefully you’ll find something that you like that you might have otherwise missed.

That’s ultimately the point of this site at the end of the day, trying to get interesting music into the earholes of people who might have some sort of appreciation for it. That and I have a lot of time to kill and I’m a bit of a music geek anyway so this is a great outlet for all of those things too. Right, I’m sure you guys are busy at the start of a new work week so I’ll get out of here and let you check out all of the cool releases below at your leisure. If you find something cool let me know what it was and why, and if I missed something definitely hit me up on social media and we can see about sharing it out because that’s all part of the fun right?

If you’re coming back for some review action then I’ll see you again tomorrow for that, but if that’s not your thing then have a great week and I’ll be back again next Monday with another one of these posts…assuming things actually get released this week that is. Uncertain times and all that.