Episode 02: Started From the Bottom

by Garry

Kinda surprised I’m sticking with this tbh.

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Welcome back to another edition of The SHiT Show! An occasional podcast where I talk about pretty much anything I want and you guys choose to listen for some reason. Thanks for the 100+ downloads on the last episode by the way!

On this edition I figured I’d pull back the curtain a bit and tell you all about “my journey” to becoming a fan of all of this Idol/J-Music stuff. How I got to where I am today, what I enjoy/don’t enjoy about this hobby, the highs and lows, as well as some other random musings along the way. Horribly self-indulgent, I know!

If you’re feeling up to it feel free to share your own stories about how you got into this hobby, along with any other thoughts or opinions you had on any of the things I talked about in the episode. The best way for me to see it is by either sending an email to idolisshit(at)gmail(dot)com or looking me up on Twitter @idolisshit. I read everything you guys send me and try to respond too when I can. Let’s share some stories and have a nice conversation.

This whole podcasting things is still very much a work in progress so if you have any feedback, questions, suggestions for show topics or what have you then please do get in touch and let me know. It might make sitting here talking to myself for an hour a little bit easier over time, who knows! Please everyone stay safe and healthy out there and I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast.