[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q3 2018

by Garry

Seventeen Years Old And Berlin Wall – Object

Seventeen Years Old And Berlin Wall (who have a great name by the way) have been on my radar ever since they released their 2nd mini-album “Reflect” last year. If these roundups haven’t made it abundantly clear by now, I’m quite partial to a bit of Shoegaze or Dream Pop and that’s exactly what this 4-piece is offering me. “Object” is the latest mini-album from the band, who should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking to add more fuzzed out, at times verging on ethereal, tunes to your playlist. Their use of male and female vocals in tandem also adds an extra dimension that can often feel like songs from these particular genres are missing at times. From songs like the album’s prickly opener “Vision” to the more melodic in “Scene” and everything in between. You really do get the best of both the Shoegaze and Dream Pop worlds on this release.