9. BiS – RE:STUPiD

After all of the furor around their reformation in 2016, Brand-new Idol Society followed up by having a somewhat subdued 2017, certainly in comparison to their WACK cohorts at least. They did release a new album in the form of “RE:STUPiD” however, although many would argue that it was similarly subdued in its musical content. At least in the West they seem unable to shake the specter of past line-ups and glories, as people who didn’t get to experience them the first time around clamor for them to be the rebels/saviors/”wokeness” of Idol once again. Instead we got an album that continued the group’s maturation, with songs like “twisted grunge” and “Romeo’s heart” showing a softer side to the group. Don’t worry though, songs like “SAY YES” and “Never Starting Song” show that there’s still a fire in this old dog’s eyes.

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