10. You’ll Melt More! – YOUTOPIA

You’ll Melt More! celebrated their 5th anniversary towards the tail end of 2017 and part of the celebrations involved the release of their 3rd album “YOUTOPIA”. It contains a collection of songs from the past 2 years of You’ll Melt More!’s discography, some of which are remastered. There are certainly a few songs on this album that I don’t personally care for, but given they were previously released I knew that would be the case coming in. Juxtaposed against everything else on the album and they objectively work very well. Obviously not a high ranker for me in 2017 due to my love hate relationship with You’ll Melt More! songs, but this album should definitely be checked out as it is a key release from the past 12 months.

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: Regular Edition | Limited Edition

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