1. Gekijou-ban Gokigen Teikoku – Indies Best

Gokigen Teikoku have yet to see much fanfare from Western audiences but I’m sure that will change very soon. The group’s mission statement is to help relieve the stresses of everyday life, which is a pretty novel concept for an Idol group. They do this by being wacky and trying to have as much fun as possible, be that on stage or in the videos posted to their YouTube channel. They also released what is easily and without question the best Idol album of the year (in my opinion), regardless of your genre preferences. For a product bearing the name “Indies Best”, the group’s debut album is incredibly well written and produced. High praise for a group I hadn’t heard of until the start of the year, and for a group that a lot of people in the West have likely never heard of. “I NEET YOU” is also probably the best Idol song released in the last…when did “Nerve” come out again?

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: Type A [Regular Edition] | Type B [Regular Edition] | Limited Edition [w/ DVD]

: Type A [Regular Edition] | Type B [Regular Edition] | Limited Edition [w/ DVD]

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