Last Week in Digital 09/27-10/03

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Happy Monday folks! We’re back again with another edition of Last Week in Digital which if I’m being honest hasn’t been super great for the last few weeks or so. Just a slow spell when it comes to groups putting out new material I guess, which isn’t a huge deal if you live in Japan and can still go to shows every week but for us lot stuck overseas currently its been a bit of drought at the start of the Fall season there.

That kinda changed a bit last week though as you can see if you take a look below. Quite a few new singles, albums and what have you were released and there’s even a few groups in there that you might actually be familiar with too! Or maybe you won’t be and that’s part of the fun as well. I’m just happy that there’s more than half a dozen new things to potentially check out for a change so that’s more than good enough for me right now.

So yeah, take a listen when you can and share what you liked with a friend or two. I’ll be back later in the week with a review article so check back for that if it’s your thing. Otherwise hopefully we’ll have even more great new music to check out together this time next week. Until whenever we next speak I hope you all have a great week, that you’re keeping safe and healthy out there, thanks so much for your interest in my content and we’ll talk again soon. Cheers!