[Review] moimeme – Gyakusetsu ReReRemember Me

by Garry

My thoughts on “Gyakusetsu ReReRemember Me”, the latest digital single from moimeme.

Release Date: March 31st 2021


1. Gyakusetsu ReReRemember Me


So I have this pretty bad habit of checking out a new group or what have you, thinking that they/their music is pretty cool and telling you guys to check them out then I sort of just don’t go back to them when they release something new. It’s definitely not a very good way to go about things, especially when I’m writing articles about music and stuff so I’ve made a note of it and we’re going to try to correct it going forward here. Starting right now in fact as we take another look at a group I featured on the site last year and enjoyed a fair amount in fact.

moimeme should be just about coming up on their second anniversary by the time that you guys are reading this article and this is going to be the second time that I’ve featured the 5-piece here on the site. 2020’s “Shura rura” EP (review here) presented a couple of pretty fun and interesting takes on the genre of Electronica and left me wanting to hear more at the end of the review I wrote for the release. So the fact I skipped over their “Shonen no Uta” single at the end of last year is a pretty big oversight on my part but we’re hopefully going to correct that here today.

“Gyakusetsu ReReRemember Me” not only has a pretty fun title but it’s also one of moimeme’s more popular live songs too. I’ve maybe heard it on a YouTube video a time or two previous to this but as far as studio recordings are concerned this will be my first handful of listens to the track. I’m excited though as from what I do remember this is a really fun song and the fact that it is so highly regarded should probably say a lot about it before any of us even hit play. That said, I’m coming into this with an open mind and giving the track a blank slate so any impressions will be as authentic as possible. Enough rambling though, let’s get this review started and check back in on moimeme after what has been much too long indeed.

“Energetic” is a pretty good word to use to describe “Gyakusetsu ReReRemember Me” I think, with the track getting off to a very lively and bright start with its high tempo and mildly chaotic synthesizer instrumental. A bit of a Denpa-ish, anime vibe to the Electronica arrangement that they’re making use of this time around and it’s pretty easy to see why this song would be so popular in a live setting after just listening to the first 30 or so seconds of it. While I wouldn’t call anything that they’re doing instrumentally super groundbreaking or anything like that, it’s using a formula that has been proven to work time and time again and that remains the case here too. It’s fun, has a good energy to it and is instantly catchy, so you can’t really ask for much more than that.

Vocally is where the bulk of the track’s strongest hook are for me, with lots of rapid-fire lines in a variety of overly exaggerated tones and vocal styles to add even more color to what was already shaping up to be a very colorful track thanks to the instrumental alone. Even the less hyperactive moments are catchy in their own way and also introduce a rougher edge to the track that I wasn’t honestly expect, with the vocals verging on entering “harsh” territory on occasion which I found pretty interesting and it added an extra dynamic to the track that most composers probably wouldn’t think to incorporate. All together all of the components going into this track make for a familiar but very entertaining listen that is also kinda unique in its own way in places too.

If you’re looking for another super fun, hyperactive Pop song to add to your Idol playlist then “Gyakusetsu ReReRemember Me” should fit the bill rather well I think. You’ll likely have heard elements of the song elsewhere over the years if you’ve been following Idol music for a while but that doesn’t make the song any less enjoyable and I really wish the current ban on global travel would end so I could go and experience it live for the full effect. Maybe one day soon if we’re lucky.

moimeme are a group that people should definitely be paying attention to if they enjoy the more synthesizer driven, Electronica side of the Idol scene as they’ve proved on multiple occasions now that they’re more than capable of delivering some really strong material in said genre. I still feel kinda bad for not getting back around to them before now but I’m glad I did for this digital single and I’ll certainly be trying my best to keep a closer tab on them going forward too as I did really enjoy what I heard here quite a bit.


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