Last Week in Digital 03/08-03/14

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

So here it is, the Ides of March. Kinda cool that it managed to fall on the same day I have one of these posts going up because it gives me something else to talk about during these intros for a change. Welcome to another edition of Last Week in Digital by the way, the weekly feature where I try to round up all of the digital Idol music releases from the past 7 days into one neat collection for your listening pleasure. You probably all know the drill by now though right?

Last week wasn’t the heaviest hitting of weeks, with maybe only one or two releases garnering much fanfare in advance of them dropping on the various digital platforms or record stores if that’s still something that you’re into. Still, we did end up with quite a lot of new releases once again here so I would encourage you to check out the stuff that maybe isn’t on your radar right now just on the off-chance that you end up finding something that you didn’t expect to like. That would be pretty rad in my book.

So yeah, take a look at what I’ve compiled below and click on anything that catches your interest to be taken to a page where you can listen to it on your streaming platform of choice. Also let me know what you’ve been checking out in the past week on the socials if you’re active there, I like to hear what you guys are listening to so I can try to keep up with what’s popular among us foreign lot. Check back through the week too for my usual review content if that’s your thing and if not, your interest and support of this content is as always greatly appreciated. Until we next speak, have good one and stay safe out there. Cheers!